National Two Different Colored Shoes Day®

May 3, 2016

Perhaps it is her 25 years of experience in public education, capturing the energy and attention of more than 4000 students. Perhaps it is the positive connections she made with her colleagues and the parents of her students. Perhaps it is her thirst for continuing education as evidenced by her BA, MA, and Doctorate. Perhaps it is her professional background as an actor in films, television, and commercials. Perhaps it is her commitment to "walk her talk" as demonstrated by wearing two different colored shoes at least twice a week. A practice she has been doing since the 80's.

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Arlene has:

* Received the National Educator of the Year Award from the Christian Educators Association, Inc.

* She was also named Educator of the Year by her local school district and county.

* Authored numerous articles

* Written a book, Empowerment in the Classroom, that is used in school districts as a resource for both new and veteran teachers.

* Been honored by the California State Legislature

* Served as President of the National Speakers Association of Northern California.

About the Founder

Arlene Kaiser