National Two Different Colored Shoes Day®

May 3, 2016

“I am on the way to the Clubhouse to have coffee with the folks while my wife is in the swimming pool with a bunch of Water Arobic nuts - we have fun.  I will be wearing two different color shoes today for the first time.  I expect to get some flax from the guys, that's fun, and maybe can inspire them.”

Thanks for making my day.
Ralph Long

“Six years ago, my sister and I wanted to wear mismatched shoes but they don't sell them in that fashion. So I went and bought a black converse style pair of Airwalks and she got pink ones. We wear the same size so we switched one shoe, then went to church that very night. Everybody stared at us but I know they were just curious maybe they should take a risk. We will be so happy to join with you on this celebration of wearing mismatched shoes on May 3rd and we will get our youth group to do it with us. We will take pictures so you can see.”

Love, Amber and Amanda 

The Traveling Shoes

The Traveling Two Different Colored Shoes

Where did taking a risk, send you today? Was it a vacation, a long lost friends wedding, or an overdue trip to your old stomping grounds or college. With the "Traveling Two Different Colored Shoes" you can share where your journey of taking a risk takes you.

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Read about others traveling shoes....

“Here are a few pictures from our worship service today as our praise team was preparing to sing a special music selection.  I did get the word out to our ladies and there were quite a few ladies in our congregation who did participate by wearing two different colored shoes today, and we all enjoyed it very much! 

I will put it on my calendar as a reminder for next year as well.  And by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the CMTA Convention last weekend in Pasadena, CA.  I was one of your readers in the first session and led the song "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"!  I was thrilled to participate...”

A risk-taker for Jesus,